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The Application Load Balancer Cloudlet enables you to define several data center configuration scenarios to balance traffic among combinations of cloud and physical data sources, and quickly switch among them with the click of an activation button or API call. Requests for particular content can be directed to various data sources, by IP and geography or several http header attributes including: URL path, device characteristics, request method, and many more.

Traditional methods of load balancing that focus solely on DNS (layer 3) requests lack the flexibility and control to provide seamless load balancing for more modern application architectures that require HTTP layer (Layer 7) controls.

Hardware-based load balancers not only require maintenance, are limited in their ability to scale, but can also introduce inefficient management processes and delay time to market. Existing cloud-based approaches are often useful only for the IaaS services on which they are built and sometimes lack reliability that could take your app offline completely.

With the Application Load Balancer (ALB) Cloudlet, you can have it all. our’s Intelligent Platform is designed using an extremely scalable, fault-tolerant architecture. Communicating across optimized connections, ALB directs traffic to the best data source using weighted or performance-based load balancing methods, while leveraging custom routing policies that drive consistent session behavior for your visitors. This provides the customization required to help you assemble and scale your applications and web services.

Modern Load Balancing

Multi-Layer Load Balancing w/ Cookie Based Session Stickiness uses attributes from the application layer (Layer 7) to direct traffic and inform DNS layer (Layer 3) decisions to various data sources. It also maintains control for consistent session stickiness behaviors, is seamlessly integrated with CDN Performance and is IPv6 compatible.

Origin Health Checks

Origin Health Checks w/ Seamless Failover and Outage Response help you reduce downtime when one or all of your physical or cloud hosted data sources inevitably fails. By balancing several data sources, you can failover automatically and avoid the impact caused by the failure of any of your IaaS providers. In the event they all go down, you can preconfigure an outage response to be delivered from our NetStorage.

No Hardware or Code

No Hardware and No Code — offload routing logic from your data tier to the our performance layer to reduce burden on hardware or cloud IaaS capacity. Reduce the complexity of writing and maintaining custom code-based load balancing logic. Gain critical control while scaling primary DCs with supplemental cloud infrastructure to meet growing capacity requirements.

Fast, Intelligent Routing

Fast and Intelligent Routing powered by our SureRoute* — our’s patented SureRoute*algorithm provides the our Intelligent Platform with high availability and instant scale through dynamic route optimization and failover logic. Application Load Balancer Cloudlet harnesses the power of SureRoute* to help you rest assured that traffic will be mapped to the best available data center via an optimized path and connection over the Internet.

Easy to Setup

Simple to Configure and Manage — Easy to use interface, and included API, that allow you to click to design and activate policies and/or extend cloudlet controls to operations staff.

Cloudlets are self-provisioned and self-configured via Luna Property Manager and Cloudlets Policy Manager. You can also manage Cloudlets functionality via included API.


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